Server down – repairing disk drive

After more than two years 24/7 the volume on my server degraded. One of the three hard disks crashed. Luckily there is some redundancy using Synology Hybrid Raid, and I am now trying to repair the volume. 5 TB of data at risk …

Once successful, will check the defect disk. Still should be under the 3-years warranty from WD.


IC-7300 and Fldigi

For digital modes I am using fldigi on a MacBook and the IC-7300 built-in USB interface. This is my running configuration:


On the IC-7300 press Menu -> Set -> Connectors

ACC/USB AF Output Level to 75%

USB MOD Level to 25%

Under CI-V CI-V Baud Rate is set to Auto.

CI-V USB Port: Unling from [REMOTE] and
CI-V USB Echo Back: ON


You need to get the IC-7300.xml file written by W1HJK to use the CAT.
After Installation start fldigi and go to
Configure -> Rig ->RigCat
Select the downloaded xml file. Under Device select “SLAB_USBtoUART” (driver name).
Set Baud rate to 19200.
Tick CAT command for PTT
Audio Port: Audio USB Audio CODEC
The “sweet spot” for the IC-7300 in data mode is 1500 Hz.
Configure -> Misc -> Sweet Spot PSK et al.: 1500


Reduce the output power to 20% … 35%. When you click on “Tune”, ALC should be at zero. In my station setup I can “hear” the computer on 15 m. Levels vary depending on the USB connection cable. I still need to experiment with some ferrite to reduce interference.
The same configuration can be used for JT-65 (WSJT-X). I changed the IC-7300 CI-V address to  88h and select IC-7100 as transceiver.