SATNOGS – Open Source global network of satellite ground-stations

SatNOGS Network is a global management interface to facilitate multiple ground station operations remotely. An observer is able to take advantage of the full network of SatNOGS ground stations around the world. It’s part of the SatNOGS project.

Since end of April 2022 I operate a satellite monitoring ground station. It is running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with an Airspy SDR connected – via a dual band bandpass filter (2m/70cm) – to a 3/5 element Yagi antenna. The Yagi is fixed mounted pointing SSW with a 20 deg elevation.


Station ID is 2650 – 9V1KG. I just updated the software to the latest version 1.8.1. Over the last 9 months 3500 observation were stored in the SATNOGS database, the success rate is between 60 and 70%.

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