Bread Baking Gallery

I am baking my own bread for years already, but in the past I did it mainly with a bread baking machine using commercial yeast. In September 2017 I started my own sourdough, and over the last couple of months the breads became better and tastier. End of November 2017 I bought a kitchen machine, so that I can knead the dough with the machine. Important for a good bread is a slow fermentation of the dough. Usually it takes at least 16 to 24 hours from the first dough to the final loaf.

Potato-Walnut Bread
Light white Spelt

Thin Loaf with Spelt
Mild Sourdough Wheat Bread
Mild sourdough wheat loaf
Olive Oil Bread with Biga
Italian homemade bread with semolina flour
Mediterranean sourdough bread
Sourdough Wheat bread
23.11.2017 Kenwood Kitchen machine for kneading
French white with T65 flour
Pure rye bread, using rye starter and Lievito Madre
Sourdough (Lievito Madre) with 85% Wheat/ 15% Rye, manual kneading
Swabian potato brown bread – preparation
Swabian potato brown bread



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