G5RV Measurements

After replacement of my 80/40 m trap dipole with the G5RV antenna, I made some measurements. The antenna has a height of 12 m at the center, and is hanging as an inverted V with both ends still 4 to 5 meter above ground. The symmetric feeder line is connected via a 1:1 balun to 12.9 m 50 Ohm coaxial cable.

3.5 MHz to 3.8 MHz: Impedance from (98 – j 32) Ohm to (17 – j 39) Ohm. Only in the CW part of the band VSWR is lower than 3.

7.0 MHz to 7.3 MHz: Impedance from (164 – j 68) Ohm to (86 – j 35) Ohm. Above  approx. 7.15 MHz the VSWR is lower than 3.

14 MHz to 14.35 MHz: (22 + j 11) Ohm to (12 + j 15) Ohm. VSWR around 2 to 4

On 21 MHz and 28 MHz the VSWR is around 4. On 5.3  MHz and 10.1 MHz VSWR is above 8.


The G5RV is only usable on 80 m, 40 m and 20 m, and even on these bands it’s a compromise antenna and a tuner is needed. There is no benefit compared to the 80/40 m trap dipole.

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  1. Hello Klaus regarding G5RV I made the same experiance….it is a LOW PERFORMER. With no particulare benifits…tuner mostly needed

    73 GERALD /DU1GS

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