WAEDC CW Contest 2017 – 4E1A

Just finished the Worked All Europe DX Contest (WAEDC) in CW. It was my first participation as a non-European station using my vanity callsign 4E1A in the single operator low power class. Only contacts to European stations are allowed, and you can sent telegrams (QTCs) to them to earn additional points. Poor propagation conditions made it very difficult this year.  On the 40 m band there was a lot of noise due to lightening (QRN), and I could only make 3 contacts (QSOs). Nevertheless, it was fun to participate again after more than 25 years (!) ago 1991 under my German call sign DK4TB.

My Equipment:

Icom IC-718, 100 W output. 3 el Spider beam for 20 m and 15 m and a full size G5RV for 40 m (and 80 m). Using Digikeyer II interface with Bencher paddle and RUMlogNG logging program on my MacBook.

Station setup
Early morning sunrise. You see the feeder line of the G5RV antenna running up the 12 m (40 ft) antenna mast.


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