Project XE180 – Miniquad FPV

After I just completed my first own-built quad-copter, here a few details to share about this project. Having the DJI Phantom 2 V3 for aerial photography and a ready built 250 Storm racing drone, I was looking for a FPV mini-copter to fly indoor and outdoor, using brush-less motors and a robust carbon frame. My choice was XELITES ‘s  XE180, a 180 frame (motor to motor distance 180 mm).


As the frame is quite compact, all electronic components had to be small and mini. I use a Futaba radio, so the choice of receiver was the Futaba 6-channel micro receiver R2106GF. My Storm racing drone has the open pilot 3CCD flight controller, therefore the selection was the Atom 3CCD mini version with straight pins for my XE180. Other components:

  • ESCs: 4x Afro 12A
  • Motors: 4x DYS 1306-3100KV
  • Power distribution: ATAS mini PDB lite
  • FPV camera: Mini CMOS 520 TVL (PAL)
  • Video Transmitter: Skyzone TS5823 5.8 GHz 200 mW
  • Low battery warning: 3-In-1 Battery monitor
  • LED lights: Volo LED light strips 2 red, 2 blue
  • Batteries: 2S (indoor) and 3S (outdoor) Lipo 1.3 and 1.5 Ah, 25C

The final arrangement of all components is shown here:



After mounting all components the net weight of the copter is 245 gram.

Flight Experience

After adjustment of the open pilot flight controller parameters, I have done several flights and am quite satisfied with the results. With a 3S 1300 LiPo I get 10 minutes of flight time and enough power for outdoor flights even in windy conditions.


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